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The helmet adapter allows users to more easily connect their mirror to their helmet. Our mirrors can clip to the visor of a helmet, but if your helmet doesn’t have a visor, the adapter gives you a connection point for the clamp.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend using the Helmet Adapter with the Compact mirror in the following lengths—none, and +.5.  At a minimum, you will need an extension of 1″ We recommend an extension of 1.5″ or above. 

The placement of the adapter onto the helmet in combination with the shortened stem of the compact places the mirror too far back for you to see out of.

3 reviews for Helmet Adapter

  1. Geoffrey Smith

    How does it work? Show a mirror attached to the device.

    • Chris Lund

      Thank you for the feedback! Agreed, the site is a work in progress. We will also be updating our hang tags on our next order to show the mirror on at least a pair of glasses.
      Ride Safe!

      Take A Look Active

  2. Scot

    Where does the adapter attach? I have liners inside the helmet?

    • Chris Lund

      Scot, Thank you for your question. The adapter uses double stick tape and actually tapes to the liner if there is no other place. The adapter is made to be as generic as possible to fit the widest set of helmets as we can. Naturally, there are situations where it will not work. If you want to contact us directly, By phone or email we can see if we can come up with a better solution for you. Ride Safe!

  3. DanW

    The adapter attaches to the outer shell of a helmet, using very strong double-sided foam tape. It provides an inverted “fin” to which the mirror can be clipped, in the same way it clips to one’s eyeglasses. I found it much more convenient to use the mirror mounted to my helmet rather than my glasses. The adapter, though, isn’t perfect. It’s cut from flat sheet of a clear transparent plastic. It’s certainly a strong material, but it can be tricky to find a location on a curved helmet shell where the flat adapter can adhere.

    One caveat: while the adhesive is impressively grippy, it will lose strength over time. You may also wish to eventually move the adapter to a different helmet. I’ve found that 3M Automotive Trim Adhesive Tape can used to replace the original, and is at least as strong. Just be sure to completely remove the old tape first b

    • Chris Lund

      Dan, thank you for answering this. Regarding the adhesive, we can always send additional strips at no charge.
      Be well and Ride Safe,

      Christopher Lund – Take A Look Active.

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