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Compact Mirror

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The Compact Mirror attaches to sunglasses or a helmet to allow cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts to see behind them without turning their heads, much like a rearview mirror on a car. The Compact Mirror works best on regular sunglasses or a helmet visor, does not work with wrap around glasses. Our site is the only place where you can customize the length of the stem. Other features include:

  • Vibration-free
  • Three pivot points for optimal adjustability
  • Frameless mirror means uninterrupted field of vision
  • Compact size provides a wider field of vision than the Original Mirror
  • Compact mirror can be converted to a Right Side by removing the mirror part and pressed back on in a flipped position.  (note: Original mirror does not have this capability.)

Disclaimer: We do not recommend using the Compact Mirror with wrap around glasses or our Helmet Adapter in the following lengths—none, and +.5.  At a minimum, you will need a minimum extension of 1″. We recommend an extension of 1.5″ or above. 

The placement of the adapter onto the helmet in combination with the shortened stem of the compact places the mirror too far back for you to see out of. Likewise, with wraparound glasses, the curvature places the Compact mirrors attachment point too far back.


Custom Stem Size

None, +.5", +1", +1.5", +2", +2.5", +3"

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  1. Mac B

    Combine genuine quality, well thought design, and the best customer experience I’ve ever experienced and you’ve got the take a look mirror. It’s evident the people making these mirrors care about about the products they’re making and the people they’re helping! Thanks for the making such an awesome product and keeping my rides safe!

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