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Original Mirror



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The Original Mirror attaches to sunglasses or a helmet to allow cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts to see behind them without turning their heads, much like a rearview mirror on a car. The Original Mirror is our only product that works on both the right and left side. And our site is the only place where you can also customize the length of the stem. Other features include:

  • Vibration-free
  • Three pivot points for optimal adjustability
  • Frameless mirror means uninterrupted field of vision
  • Original stem length great with wrap around glasses

Disclaimer: We do not recommend using the original mirror with wrap around glasses in the following lengths— -1″ or -1.5″ stem alteration.

Customize Stem Size

-1.5", – 1", -.5", None, +.5", +1", +1.5"

2 reviews for Original Mirror

  1. Jonathan B. Horen

    I’ve been using a Take-A-Long mirror, clipped onto the left earpiece of my glasses, for some 7-8 years, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve got the “long” size, and it’s never a problem to glance slightly to the left and see what’s coming-up behind me. Having it has “saved my bacon” numerous times — of course, if a driver doesn’t signal a turn, it becomes a crap-shoot; nevertheless, “forewarned is forearmed”. It’s especially useful where I live (urban-sprawl of West Palm Beach, FL area), where most urban/suburban roads are flanked by strip malls, with cars suddenly turning right, into them, all the time. The mirror has survived two rear-end collisions by [email protected]#$ drivers, without damage; wish I could say the same was true, for me 🙂 I need to investigate the longer sizes… 1″ and 1.5″, to see if they’ll let me look without having to refocus my eye. A great product, and I recommend it without reservation.

  2. Dann Golden-Collum

    Been riding with Take A Look mirror since 2008. On my second mirror, as the first one died when I took a spill on an icy bike trail in Anchorage. Helmet saved my brain, by the way. It’s affixed to helmet using the adapter, so the mirror is extremely stable. I tried it on my glasses, but just seemed to throw everything off balance for me.

    When the bike lane ends, I’m merging into main traffic in four spots on my daily commute, it’s very easy to “take a look” to see what’s coming up behind me. I’m an everyday commuter, right now riding 34 miles a day in all weather. It’s essential that I keep track of traffic from all angles, and the mirror allows me to keep eyes front without craning my neck to see what’s going on from the backside.

    The stem is bendable – I have mine at an angle so it’s not aiming at my ear, giving a wider angle of rear-view. My helmet’s been banged around and dropped without permanent damage to the mirror. This is truly a lifetime product.

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