Our Story

Take A Look Active is a family business, born in the outdoorsy state of Colorado. Founder, Bill Waller, made his very first helmet mirror when he just couldn’t find anything on the market to fit his needs. His creation caught on like wildfire, first with friends, and then with the customers at his bike shop, The Bike Peddler in Greeley, Colorado. Shortly after, Waller began selling the products to cycling and outdoor retailers. Bill and Nancy’s daughter and son-in-law, Loree and Chris, continue running the family business, providing tens of thousands of mirrors a year to well-known dealers like REI and Trek, as well as custom mirrors direct-to-customer.


Our founders understood the value of safety when it comes to cycling. Cycling brings a freedom you have to experience to understand. But the hazards of road biking are real. Take A Look Active mirrors exist to provide increased safety and additional sight to cyclists everywhere. And while we know our customers can pick up a mirror at their local bike shop, our website is the exclusive place to order custom lengths for your best experience. 

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